Porrselvi A.P.

Specialist-Cognitive and Psychosocial Interventions

"I am a graduate in psychology with double Masters' degrees in Neuroscience and in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I started as a certified special educator. I took up specialization in Neuroscience after I volunteered to help older people suffering from dementia. This opened new horizons for me as I got fascinated with the human brain but I was frustrated with the lack of resources available in Tamil Nadu for helping patients and their caregivers. Thus I began this journey which took me to University College of London, UK and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA. I was in awe with the resources that were available in those parts of the world and was determined to attempt to give patients and caregivers back at home the same luxury of rehabilitative care. I trained with some of the very few professionals working in the field in India before returning to Chennai, Tamil Nadu and here I continue to train and work with some of the best neurologists in the country. My primary areas of research are development of tools for early detection of dementia and adopting better methods of management of neurocognitive disorders. Positive Neuropsychology and management of postpartum depression are areas I focus on because I believe when people gain control over their holistic health, we make better people and well-adjusted new mothers will be better parents. "

Arunai Thelirchi Maiyam is a vision for helping raise awareness about brain and mental health and promoting the well-being of patients with neurocognitive disorders and their caregivers. 

February 15th 2017
February 13th 2017
<p>An infographic from Alzheimer’s Foundation of America</p>

An infographic from Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

February 8th 2017
February 6th 2017
February 2nd 2017
February 1st 2017

Brain Research @ Arunai Thelirchi Maiyam

People who know people/People who are 55 years or older, please can you spare 1 hour of your time for brain research?
Contact: 9047452258

November 17th 2016

We are 2!

On October 3rd, 2014, ATM was started with lofty ambitions to raise awareness about brain health, of being a medium of hope and facilitating better management of dementia in the elderly. ATM is proud to support the people with acquired brain injury and their friends and family. Here’s to the beautiful journeys and incredible people along the way! Thank you.

For enquiries and appointments please call +919047452258 or email arunaithelirchimaiyam@gmail.com

November 5th 2016
November 5th 2016
January 11th 2016